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“It’s Fashion Bro”

Sneaker Head Social Club

“It’s Fashion Bro”

Welcome to the new age of golf. There is a buzz, an energy that surrounds the upward movement of interest in the sport. Where is that energy coming from? How did we go from industry leaders saying golf was heading for its own doomsday event, to the announcing of a PGA Tour 2k21 Game? That is obviously a pretty loaded question, with a million different answers. As someone who works in the golf industry, I have my ideas on what is happening. What I want to focus on is in the blending of sneaker  culture and golf and how a new market is being reached.


Imagine telling Phil Knight or legendary shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield of 1984 that 36 years after the Air Jordan 1 released, you could resell the golf version of the shoe for $1300 on StockX. They probably would have looked at you dumbfounded and said something like, “What’s StockX?”. Sneakers have come a long way. Golf shoes have come an even longer way. It’s crazy to think that there are golf shoes with   resale values like normal streetwear shoes. I don’t know if there is a more obvious clashing of the worlds than Brooks Koepka’s  infamous “It’s fashion bro” interview after wearing a golf version of the  Off-White Air Max 90’s. I mean it makes sense that the $55 billion dollar sneaker industry has made its way into a sport that focuses on what you are wearing. Still, think about the progress that has been made in golf footwear and how many people now have interest that maybe wouldn’t have thought about golf before. I mean even Drizzy is getting into it. (Somebody needs to tell him that two gloves will  NEVER look cool).


You guys know Conner Conkel, owner of the Sneaker Head Golf Company. Obviously, he is a great example of somebody who has blended golf and shoes very well.  Now we are going to push this envelop. Here we are going to transform a company into a community. This group is the opportunity for sneaker heads and golf addicts to shine. Stay tuned as we put the spotlight on some of our followers that share the same passion for golf and sneakers.




Welcome to the Sneaker Head Golf Social Club.

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Jake Van Fleet “Milwaukee”

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